12 Signs of Breast Cancer Awareness Postcard Packs (customizable, multiple languages)

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If you are a Know Your Lemons® Screening Partner, we will add your logo to the cover. Not a partner? The leaflet will come with the Know Your Lemons logo as shown. Want to learn more about our partnership program? knowyourlemons.org/screening

While a lump is the most common sign of breast cancer, some symptoms can be seen rather than felt. Either way, a mammogram can detect a lump long before it can be felt. Know yourself and keep your regular mammogram appointments. For a description of each of the symptoms, go here.

Why buy? This is the only postcard that can educate in a simple, beautiful way about the 12 signs of breast cancer. It overcomes censorship, literacy issues, and fear in a friendly way.

Breast cancer awareness that you can hold in your hand!

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