Know Your Lemons Breast Cancer Awareness Retractable Banner Stand

Shipping Location: continental USA
Logo: Know Your Lemons Logo
Lanugage: English
Precio de venta$375.00 USD


If you are a Know Your Lemons® Screening Partner, we will add your logo to the banner. Not a partner? The banner will come with the Know Your Lemons logo as shown. Want to learn more about our partnership program?

At your next women's health fair for breast health, stop passersby with this eye-catching and incredibly informative retractable breast cancer awareness banner stand the Know Your Lemons breast cancer awareness campaign. At over 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide you won۪t have to fuss with how to dress up your booth or brighten a corner of your waiting room. It does the decorating and educating for you! Just add a few lemons and you۪re all set to go! Includes:

  • 12 signs of breast cancer (each lemon is the size of your hand!)

  • QR code to download the Know Your Lemons@ app

  • Overview of each breast test

  • How to Self-Exam and common lumps

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