Employee Wellness: Full Education Package

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Self-Exam Lemon Tool, Webinar with Live Q&A, and Digital Engagement Package

To help them remember to keep abreast of their health year-round, give a squeezable lemon to each employee that includes a hard lump inside, teaching what to feel for. It also includes a mini poster of the 12 signs of breast cancer and a chart explaining why mammography and self-exams are so important for early detection.

The QR code on the bottom goes directly to the app that sends monthly reminders and helps patients know what to do if a change is found.

It’s sure to be an item your employees keep at their desk—at work or at home that will remind them to keep abreast of their health year-round!

Also includes:

Kick-off webinar with live Q&A: Get everyone educated, excited, and ready to take ACTION!

This engaging webinar explains the 12 symptoms of breast cancer, risk factors, and steps to take for early detection such as self-exams and mammograms. Geared towards men and women, it’s designed to include families who are all part of the employee health package.

Book a time and we will give you an email template to announce to your employees. With 1-in-8 women getting diagnosed with breast cancer, it could be the most important webinar they attend all year.

Self-guided mini courses: Create competition between teams and earn badges with our digital engagement toolkit that does all the work of organizing the program for you!

Know Your Lemons® Screening Challenge & Team Education

A webinar is just the first step, the next is taking action. Want to boost the number of employees who get screened, along with their family and friends? Just open up our digital toolkit that includes fun games and educational activities that will make an impact on your employees and support our charity’s mission to educate around the world.

The toolkit includes weekly email templates, competition guides, a score sheet for results of who reports the most self-exams and mammograms, and impact made with the company. Reward the winners with a fun item purchased from the Know Your Lemons shop using your $100 shop credit.

Cost per employee: $20

Minimum cost per company is $1000.

 Education Features

Webinar Package

Engagement Package


1 hour educational webinar with Live Q&A x x
Weekly email templates for employee engagement x x
$100 credit to the Know Your Lemons shop x x x
Self-guided mini education challenges (designed to increase screening rates with employees, family and friends with a competitive element) x x
Squeezable Lemon with a lump inside that teaches self-exam (includes app link and a mini poster). x


*$1,000 minimum per company

$5 per employee*


$12 per employee*


$20 per employee*


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