Pair of Lemon Breast Self-Exam Kits (Teaching Models with Lump)

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**If you want rush shipping for this product or to deliver to a country outside the USA, Canada, Europe or Australia, you must order these lemons separately, as their own order.**

Learn the basics of breast self-exam and breast screening with this refreshing breast teaching tool, sold as a set of two. Shaped like a lemon rather than a breast, it makes it easy to share in any setting as you teach about breast health. Inside is a hard lump to demonstrate the concept of what to feel for in a self-exam. On the bottom of the lemon is a QR code to download the complimentary Know Your Lemons app to set reminders, and report a self-exam to help raise funds for our charity's work.

Other breast teaching models cost between $150-800. This is a great cost-effective solution that includes ongoing support to manage breast health!

If you want to purchase this outside of the USA please contact us for adjusted shipping costs.

Bulk discounts available for orders of 150 or more.

$10 from every purchase goes directly to our Global Education Programs! Thank you for supporting our lifesaving mission.

Customer Reviews

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Having several different sized lumps would have been more useful to demonstrate the different sizes of lumps women can get..

Jenny Santiago
Great hands on example

This is a great example of what to feel for. The fact that it is a lemon makes it so cute!

Gem Bonnett
An excellent cost effective addition to Breast Health Awareness

I bought this to use during my KYL classes and was able to use it straight out of the box. I like that it comes with two which means in larger groups I can give one to each half of the room which helps with time. I also like how deep the lump is which is useful for when talking about the different levels of pressure to be used during self checks. All in all a great product. Considering getting another pair for the much larger class settings😁

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