Know Your Lemons Breast Cancer Awareness Trifold Brochure Leaflet (customizable, multiple languages)

Quantity: 50
Language: English
Logo on Cover: Know Your Lemons Logo
Sale price$42.00 USD


If you are a Know Your Lemons® Screening Partner, we will add your logo to the cover. Not a partner? The leaflet will come with the Know Your Lemons logo as shown. Want to learn more about our partnership program?

Educate about breast cancer awareness with our Know Your Lemons breast cancer awareness brochure leaflet trifold. It can be used as a self-exam brochure, a mammogram brochure, and early detection brochure.

Perfect for imaging centers, screening clinics, women's clinics, waiting rooms, women's health fairs, and hospitals where patient education is important. Patient materials for low literacy audiences and health equity are part of all of our designs.

This little leaflet packs a punch, containing all the information found on the Know Your Lemons Campaign Poster Set in a single sheet of paper, folded up as an 8.5x11 inch trifold. Order in a range of pack quantities, from 50–5000!

Want to learn more about the evidence behind the information in the leaflet? Go to

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